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What We Do

We Are a Leading Electronics and Firmware Design Firm. We Love What We Do


Specifications and Requirements

Our experienced engineering team provide comprehensive insight into hardware and software specifications & project planning.


Hardware/PCB Design

Elliott Tech's electrical engineering team possesses the expertise to meet your analog or digital circuitry needs.


Software Development

Whether you need a stand-alone application, a driver for a microcontroller, or a system comprised of multiple components, we have the experience to deliver.


Prototype Design

We can assist you in developing a proof-of-concept model, designed to showcase the technical workings of the design and the core functionality of the product.


Product Support

With today’s tight timelines, clients often find themselves needing additional resources immediately. We can provide talent at a moment’s notice.


Quality Management and Assurance

Our professionals can take on quality assurance projects of any scale and complexity by introducing an efficient quality assurance process. From there, we can enhance your general strategy of software quality management.


Why Choose Us

More than 30 year experience in Electronics and Firmware Design

We are dedicated to providing excellence in design as well as customer service. Unlike large design firms, we offer personalized attention to our clients' specific needs and products.

Part of Your Team

Our Customer Relation Philosophy and strong attention to detail make us a valued extension to your engineering team.

Proven Experience

We've designed or assisted in over 950 projects since 1988.

Leading Edge Designs

We successfully evolve leading edge technology ideas into products, specializing in the design and development of electronic and embedded products.


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What People Say

“A few years back Elliott Tech and our Company worked on an electronic, battery powered, cabinet lock that had been initially designed by another party. The lock the customer had was small and was being called upon to do a big job. This was in the days before the really efficient Li-Ion battery technology was available and I admit what the customer wanted was very difficult. The lock was plagued by failures and our customer had been to other designers to see if it could be fixed. After several attempts with other designers Scott Elliott and his team went to work on the project and the project was rescued. Our company Global Manufacturing Services, Inc. (which at the time was General Assembly Corporation) went on to manufacture many of them for Scott and his customer without further trouble. Scott is a great guy to work with and an accomplished designer. I can recommend him without reservation for integrity, design, project management and other business skills.”

Arlie Keith

“Elliott Tech has been a go-to company for IDEA LOGIC over the years. Scott and the team are exceptional! I can’t imagine any development partner that could exceed their results. They truly care about every detail of a product because they care about the success of the people they are working with. The team there has a great depth of experience that represents a great diversity of products. They are professional, caring, knowledgeable, team-oriented, humble, proactive, diligent and kind. I’ve never seen them shrink back from any challenge and they have a creativity and optimism that enables them to push through the inevitable difficulties that arise in the development process. I recommend them very highly.”

Brad Forrest