Welcome to Elliott Tech, LLC

We provide full service technology solutions for today's markets. We successfully evolve leading edge technology dreams into products, specializing in the design and development of electronic and embedded products.

Areas include Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, Commercial, and Personal/Consumer products.

We've designed or assisted in over 950 projects since 1988. We provide assistance from conception through production and support, including over 20 patents. We can take on the entire development or work with existing designers or teams.


We specialize taking a concept, the "napkin approach" and assisting our clients through the conception stage, patent process, requirements, pre-market assistance, and price points.


The next stage includes the detailed design of the clients product, along with updated price points.


Our services include providing proof of concepts, prototypes, as well as form fit units for case and market studies.


We provide excellent support into full production and support throughout the entire product life cycle.

About the Company

Elliott Tech, LLC has been developing various products since 1988. Our focus is on results not profits. This mindset has set us apart from others and has been a key factor to our continued success. We provide a complete turnkey product development from concept through production and onward. In addition, we augment existing engineering teams by providing additional expertise or acting as an extension.

We work closely with startups and entrepreneurs guiding them through the entire product development to projection life cycle. This includes assistance in raising capital as well as business and marketing plans.

Our philosophy on complete turnkey projects is phase by phase. This allows our clients to contract with us for one phase at a time. This process enables costs and schedules to be monitored closely while we continue to update the manufacturing cost of the product by providing price points.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Thomas Edison